Just My Luck…

Gatton Rocks (1)

Most of my time is spent metal detecting in parks or around old houses and buildings. However, recently I’d decided that I wanted to venture into water features with my Garrett AT Pro, especially after watching a few videos on YouTube of fellow detectorists making some pretty awesome recoveries from creeks, rivers and lakes.

I’d already worked some beaches over the past couple of years, the most recent being the beaches of Edisto Island in South Carolina in July, where I made my second beach ring find.

Last Tuesday I traveled to a little country swimming hole in a river, one that’s been active since the early 1920s, to try my hand; I had a little luck finding a few coins, but no silver or gold. I hadn’t really expected to, being the novice water detectorist that I am. I enjoyed it so much, though, that I went back Thursday morning, spending three hours early in the day in mostly mid-thigh deep water.

Not having much success, I decided to wade into an area right next to a couple of huge trees that have rope swings attached and started working from the edges inward. Eventually I hit a low-80s signal on my machine’s VDI display and decided to recover it. Feeling my way with my hands in eighteen inches of river close to the bank, I discovered that the target was beneath a huge slab of concrete that was probably a good two inches thick. I set my machine and long-handled scoop aside and hooked my fingers beneath an edge…and moved it slightly. Getting a better grip, I redoubled my effort and got it moved aside enough to work the target signal, which turned out to be a piece of tin. Just my luck.

As people were starting to show up, I scanned a few more times in the area and decided to call it a day, having collected a few modern coins and not much else. I trudged back to my truck, geared down, stowed my machine and headed north towards home. I called my wife, as is customary, and let her know I was done for the day.

It wasn’t until a little later that I began feeling an intense, dull ache in the area just beneath my left rib cage, the ache getting worse by the minute; by the time I was stepping out of the shower it was becoming hard to stand erect. My wife got home from work, noticing that I was having trouble, so I told her about the pain in my abdomen.

Before the night was through, I ended up in the ER.

Diagnosis? A partially torn muscle just below the rib cage.

So now here I sit, in extreme discomfort, waiting on the pain med and muscle relaxer to do their jobs. That’s all I can do for a week…sit. And heal.

And no metal detecting for at least a week.

Just my luck.


Author: timteamohio

Retired cop embarking on new adventures, seeking to recover the history beneath us.

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