The Wonders of Medicine

A couple of days ago I posted about trying to move a concrete slab in the water and injuring myself, in pursuit of a target that turned out to be a piece of tin.

That injury eventually was diagnosed as torn cartilage in my rib cage, which in turn caused extensive muscle spasms in my upper left abdomen. Those spasms were almost continual; pain meds didn’t help much. I wouldn’t be doing any detecting for quite a while…or so I thought.

Enter the physician for whom my wife works. This man called our home at 2200 hrs ( that’s 10 PM for you non-military types ) and told her to bring me in first thing yesterday morning. He’s a pain management doc and, after hearing from his office manager about my ailment, took the time to call us directly. When’s the last time a physician called YOU at 10 PM?

I was at his office at 0830, in extreme discomfort. Out of the previous 48 hrs I’d slept a total of three, unable to find a comfortable position, sitting, standing or laying. The good doctor examined me, poked, prodded and interrogated, and also reviewed my x-ray and CT scan films. Finally, he performed a nerve block in the affected area, injecting a long-lasting numbing elixir mixed with a mild analgesic.

Relief was almost instantaneous.

After returning home I caught up on much needed sleep, out for most of the day in my recliner. This morning, aside from some mild soreness in the site where the nerve block was performed, I feel almost normal again…to the point of telling my wife I was considering going detecting this day.

I think she took my AT Pro with her, locked in the trunk of her car, because its not where I left it.

My wife is a smart woman who knows me well.



Author: timteamohio

Retired cop embarking on new adventures, seeking to recover the history beneath us.

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