Still Waiting…

Well, it’s been nine days since I shipped the control unit and coil from my AT Pro off to Garrett in Garland, Texas; the first time, they had it back to me in seven days so I hope this added time isn’t a bad sign. I’ll be watching for the Fed Ex delivery van all day tomorrow.

This whole metal detecting thing has become an obsession, as I’m sure it has for thousands of other fellow hobbyists, and I’m getting antsy from being without mine. The high school I live next to had a home football game Friday night, and I woke Saturday morning thinking about going over and scanning the huge gravel parking lot because they’d had a full house…and then I remembered that my detector isn’t whole.

I do have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning, to find out the results of the bone scan I underwent last week. I’m confident it’ll return showing nothing, though, because the ribs are pain free now and have been for a week. Fingers crossed. My doctor ordered the scan because I had part of a kidney removed last year due to a tumor; he wants to rule cancer out as the cause of the pain I’d been having.

In the meantime, I sorted through all my scrap metal, putting the stuff I didn’t want in a 5-gallon bucket which pretty much filled it. I have a few other metal items, too, and listed the stuff under the ‘free’ heading on Craigslist; someone texted to claim it ten minutes later. I guess there’s a lot of scrappers out there because I’ve gotten several messages asking about the stuff since then.

Going through all that stuff, though, brought back memories of past detecting sessions and I was surprised that I could remember where almost every item came from. Parks, old home sites, lakes and rivers…great memories!

Can’t wait to get back out there!


Author: timteamohio

Retired cop embarking on new adventures, seeking to recover the history beneath us.

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