Do I Pull The Trigger, Or Not?

This river hunting thing has me hooked, and not just because of the 1786 reale find a couple of weeks ago.

I blame YouTube.

Metal detecting in a marine environment has opened up a whole new source of locations in which to hunt; creeks, rivers, streams, lakes, ponds…all of which we have in abundance here in Ohio. Watching an assortment of detectorists on YouTube who venture into these places, I’ve learned much…except how those guys in Southern states know when the ‘gators are around! A couple of summers ago my wife’s brother and I went to Charleston, SC for a week to do some beach detecting; during one outing, we stopped at the end of Sol Legare Rd on James Island at the boat ramp and ventured into the Stono River with our Garrett machines. Steve didn’t stay in too long but I did, this at a time when I was still learning my machine. After about 45 minutes of finding nails and sinkers I quit…we moved on to the northern half of Folly Beach. It wasn’t until a few weeks after we’d returned to Ohio did I discover that alligators had been sighted in that river. You can watch the vid of that week-long adventure here:

I have a set of waterproof headphones, the blue ones from Kellyco…and I don’t like them. I understand there will be degraded sound quality simply because they are waterproof, but that doesn’t alleviate my dislike. They sound too ‘tinney’ and the audio signals have too much separation in tone. I can easily tell the difference between, say, a bottle cap and a piece of scrap tin just by the sound alone, without the need to monitor the ATP’s digital display; not possible with the blue ‘phones.

So, I am seriously considering the DetectorPro Gray Ghost waterproof headphones; from what I’ve read, they work as well in the water as they do on dry land, but I’d like to hear from someone who has a pair ( of Gray Ghosts, not the anatomical pair ). There’s no urgency right now; this is the last week of hot weather we’re going to have in north central Ohio. The weatherguessers say temps will cool considerably starting Monday, which means bodies of water will start getting too cold to hunt….and I’m not at the point of buying a wet suit yet. Before I add a higher balance to my BankAmeriDinerVisa, I’d like some verification from someone who knows.

But I am ordering Garrett’s 5″ X 8″ coil today….I just hope my red-headed Chief Financial Officer/Wife understands…

…I hid the cast-iron skillet, too.



Author: timteamohio

Retired cop embarking on new adventures, seeking to recover the history beneath us.

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