‘It’s hunted out…’

If you’ve been at this hobby for awhile, no doubt those words have entered your ear canals at some point; no sense metal detecting a property if someone else already has, right?


I can recall three distinct instances where someone has told me a piece of property has been pounded multiple times, yet I still managed to find some pretty good items. The latest was Saturday.

Liberty Park has been detected pretty hard; scanned it myself at least ten times but still I go back. Dedicated in 1937, the land was in use even before then by local baseball clubs and picnickers. Last year, while on that baseball diamond, I located a 1937 Merc about 8 inches down…in the pitcher’s mound; I hit that area again this spring and recovered a sterling silver ring, again in the pitcher’s mound. I don’t know about you but I’d sure like to know how those items got there.

Saturday, I arrived at the park at around 1100 hours to hit that ball field again; this time, I was pleased to see that the city parks crew had mowed the field and the area beyond the right- and center-field fences. There’s a corridor about five yards wide between the right field fence and a brush-covered rise that borders a golf course next to the park, which widens out at the curve of the fence near center field.

That was the area I’d hit.

I messed around a little, scanning an area from the mound out to the left field fence, discouraged to find that it was iron-infested the closer I got to the fence. From there, I cut across the field towards the right field foul pole, intending to loop around to that virgin corridor at the end of the fence. I recovered an old cufflink out there.

That corridor, as it happened, wasn’t virgin ground, as evidenced by the numerous plugs I saw as I scanned the area. I wasn’t deterred.

For good reason.

In all, I recovered eight wheat cents, two buffalo nickles ( 1929 and 1937 ) and a ’41 Jefferson…the buffs and four wheaties all in one hole, within two feet of one of the previous digger’s plugs. I also bagged some clad coins and the head of an old putter….which made me laugh out loud. I could just imagine the scenario where a golfer missed a short putt and slammed his putter against a tree, the head of the club cartwheeling through the air and ending up where I found it. I didn’t finish the area because of my cranky lower back…..but I’ll be there again.

Tomorrow morning.

I love this hobby.




Author: timteamohio

Retired cop embarking on new adventures, seeking to recover the history beneath us.

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