Did It Again!

I’m on a roll, to put it mildly.

I found a hot spot that’s produced old coins….old foreign coins…all three times I’ve visited it, the last being Monday.

The most significant one out of the six from Monday is a 1891 British half-crown; its 92.5% pure silver. I also found a 1942 East African 5-cent piece, an 1859 Canadian cent, an undated Japanese coin, a German/Prussian 2 fennige and  a 1964 5 cent coin from the Philippines.

The only coin minted in the United States that I’ve found in that area was a 1920 Mercury dime. That’s baffling.

I went back again today; although I only found 4 more coins and a token, I am happy with them. This day produced a souvenir token from the 1926 Sesquicentennial International Exposition, one which I can’t find anywhere on the internet, a 1857 Canadian half-cent issued by the Bank of Upper Canada, a Hungarian 2 filler coin dated 1926, a 1944 20 centavos coin issued through Ecuador and a 10 cent piece from Malay and British Borneo dated 1961. These were all found in about a twenty-yard radius.

Here’s the video:


Author: timteamohio

Retired cop embarking on new adventures, seeking to recover the history beneath us.

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