Video: To Post Or Not?

There are those of us that choose to video record our metal detecting excursions and post them on social media, and that is a good thing. I can say that, by watching those videos on YouTube back when I first bought a detector, I gained knowledge, tips and instruction on how to metal detect, moreso than I would have otherwise. People like PalmettoDigger, Al-Fu at Al’s All Metal Detecting, the Silverslingers, Hiluxyota, Mental Metal….the list is endless, and so is the informational pool from which to draw. If you’re fairly new to the hobby and are reading this, I highly suggest watching as many metal detecting videos as you are able to.

I’d caution, though, on choosing who you watch. Not that there are detectorists who would intentionally mislead you or misrepresent their skill level, but rather …well, to be as polite as I can…there are some out there that just won’t be helpful. At all.

Unfortunately, social media video sites are open to almost anyone with a camera and there’s some pretty terrible material out there. I happened across a channel a few weeks ago that features a buxom female who wears very revealing outfits while she detects, clothing totally inappropriate for a serious detectorist, and it becomes very clear early on that she knows nothing that would be beneficial for a beginning hobbyist. It’s a ‘cheesecake’ channel, plain and simple…and it, to me, is an insult to the thousands of us that are serious about metal detecting.

Of course, some may say that very same thing about my YouTube channel also, and that’s OK. I know how serious I am, how much I respect the hobby and my fellow detectorists.

I just don’t want to watch someone show the world every penny and pull tab they dig, displaying it as if they’d just recovered the Ark of the Covenant.



Author: timteamohio

Retired cop embarking on new adventures, seeking to recover the history beneath us.

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