A Perfect Day

Today was a perfect day.

A perfect day. Temps in the mid-70s in November are few and far between in the northern half of Ohio; add in the abundant sunshine we had and it becomes the perfect day to get out and metal detect. An awesomely gorgeous day.

Only that wasn’t what I did.

Some things in life transcend this addiction we call metal detecting. Hard as it may be for us hard-core hobbyists to comprehend that statement, there are events and circumstances that occur over which we have no control, things we both know are coming and the unforeseen.

For me this day, it was the result of an unforeseen event that nearly took my life over a year ago.

My bride and I traveled to Columbus today for what has now become an annual occurrence: a check-up with my cancer doctor. As we rolled down I-71, though, all I could think of was how tempting all that open farm countryside looked, all the history that could be in those cleared, post-harvest fields. I needed to be out there.

Then the memory of being informed by my personal physician that I had cancer came to mind, a day I’ll never forget. Nor will I forget her words: “…if we hadn’t found the tumor in your kidney now, you wouldn’t see next summer.”

Pretty chilling stuff.

Every day since June 30, 2015…the day the surgeon took a third of my left kidney…has been a bonus for me, another chance at this life. I think about that every day, too. When I’m out in the woods, enjoying nature while listening for those all-important tones indicating possible treasure, I’ll pause every so often and take my headphones off just to…listen.

Listen and thank God for another chance.



Author: timteamohio

Retired cop embarking on new adventures, seeking to recover the history beneath us.

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