It Is Upon Us

Well, it’s here.


Though we’re not in the frigid depths of January, I think it’s safe to say, at least for the region in which  I reside, that winter is here. We had snow flurries two straight days over the weekend and the low temps overnight has been in the 20s. Today’s high is supposed to be 34; tomorrow, 37.

Those temps are a little prohibitive for me, at least as far as metal detecting is concerned. I don’t like having frozen fingers and toes. The ground’s still tillable because we haven’t gone icebox-mode yet, meaning several straight days of below-freezing temperatures which will freeze the ground, so I may be able to get out for a few more hunts.

According to the almanac, north central Ohio is supposed to have above-average snow and colder than normal temps this winter…but what do its authors know, right? We shall see. I was out more than a few times last January because Old Man Winter went easy on us, which was more than agreeable to me; I only utilized my two-stage snow blower three times total last winter, which says much when you consider I’m somewhat of a fanatic when it comes to my yard and drive.

Just ask my wife.

I won’t let her shovel snow or mow the lawn…or do any outdoor work around our home, outside of spring flower-planting. After all, I’m the retired one and she still works 40+ hours a week, plus keeps our home spic-and-span and cooks our evening meals. It’s just that I’m pretty particular about the way things look outside.

Anyway, enough about all that; I want to know when YOU think conditions are too severe to get out and metal detect. I know of a few detectorists who’ve gone out in the dead of winter when the ground is frozen, found a great-sounding target and then thawed the ground by various means in order to dig it. THAT is extreme metal detecting!

Extreme, for me, is hanging on a wooded hillside, one hand on a tree while the other swings the AT Pro, all the while trying to keep from making the evening news by falling/rolling down that hill and breaking both legs, a hip and suffering severe trauma to my male pride.

Let me know your thoughts on when it’s too cold to go dirt scanning, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!




Author: timteamohio

Retired cop embarking on new adventures, seeking to recover the history beneath us.

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