I Couldn’t Deal With The Guilt


It’s January; the high temp for the day is an unseasonable sixty-two. Yesterday’s storm and high winds that accompanied the warm front that passed through are gone and the sun is shining.

…and I just got a 7-acre permission on an old soccer complex. Perfect time to get in a six-hour hunt, right?


As much as I wanted to, I just couldn’t do it. My AT Pro silently scolded me every time I looked at it hanging in the garage.

That storm with the high winds, you see, deposited a lot of tree limbs and branches in my yard; the bare grass in the side yard also bore witness to just how much our two dogs eat. It was time to get to work, no matter how much I wanted to go metal detecting.

Two and a half hours later my lawn was tidy again, free of the storm debris ( including the doggone pine branches and limbs from my neighbor’s trees ) and the doggie bombs. As a result, my lower back with its surgical steel was aching, yelling at me for all the bending over I subjected it to. There was no way it would agree to further abuse at the soccer fields.

That was yesterday; overnight it began to rain, a torrential storm that saturated the ground and continued into this evening. Standing water dotted neighborhood yards, making it look as if they were shell holes which had filled with water. Though it was warm once again, I would have needed hip waders to get out and detect…with my waterproof headphones.

Tonight it is supposed to get cold again, with tomorrow’s high forecast to be 23 degrees.

…and I’ll be wishing I would have gone detecting when I had the chance.


Author: timteamohio

Retired cop embarking on new adventures, seeking to recover the history beneath us.

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