Undertaking Another Journey


Be advised: this post has nothing to do with metal detecting but everything to do with history.

I consider myself extremely fortunate for that.

Since I retired from the cop business nearly four years ago, two significant things have happened to me. The first is the reason why I’m even here.

Metal detecting. I discovered it shortly after I retired, talked into purchasing a machine by my wife’s brother. I bought a lower-end model and, after a month, I’d swallowed the hook, having been snagged waaay down in the gizzard. I upgraded to the trusty, dependable AT Pro…not a high-priced tool but still a good, solid detector with which I’ve spent hundreds and hundreds of hours and made a multitude of finds and friends. The history in our grounds continually amazes me.

Which brings me to the second event. I’ve always been a keen student of history, particularly the Civil War and World War Two; that works well with my passion for metal detecting. It also plays into this second event: I became a freelance writer.

I’ve always enjoyed writing and I thank one of my high school teachers, Mrs. Fehr, for focusing and developing the skills I now use, both on this blog and another I have that’s law enforcement centered; it can be found here: mpd135.blogspot.com/

Because of this affinity for writing, I’ve written several guest columns for our local newspaper, the Mansfield News Journal, as well as numerous entries for online magazines for which I was compensated. One particular submission to the paper, about America’s youngest warrior in WW II ( he was twelve years old, serving on a Navy ship in the Pacific! ) piqued the interest of the News Journal‘s editor, sparking an idea.

Would I be interested in submitting weekly stories about area military veterans?

What an opportunity! Being retired, I’d been looking for something to do, especially during the winter when I can’t get out and metal detect, and writing about our heroes from wars past is both an honor and an exciting venture, something that I can bring a passion to. Not being a military veteran myself, which I’ve regretted for decades, I feel that telling their stories will help assuage the guilt of not serving my country.

My first story appeared online this past Sunday and in the print edition the following day, and it can be found here:  http://www.mansfieldnewsjournal.com/story/life/people/veterans/2017/01/15/veterans-story-bailey-had-varied-career-navy/96347402/

Tomorrow, I’ll spend time with a WW II Marine who fought in the Pacific islands…

…and I cannot wait to hear, and then tell, his story.

God bless our veterans.



Author: timteamohio

Retired cop embarking on new adventures, seeking to recover the history beneath us.

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