Fast approaching my 60th year on this earth, I discovered the hobby of metal detecting at the behest of my wife’s brother soon after I retired from law enforcement three years ago. Since that time it has become a passion, and most days you’ll find me in a park, on the property of an old building or even in a creek or river, looking for evidence of times gone by.

Married, we have four sons, a daughter and a grandson to go along with my best buddy Roscoe, our 8-year-old pit bull. When winter comes to north central Ohio I pass my days as a freelance writer/author, often crafting tales from my thirty-one years behind a badge. My law enforcement blog can be found here: http://mpd135.blogspot.com

In addition, you can find me on YouTube here:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3EBhEhX8q4RZqdyWJx4Vaw